Speaker bio's 27 april

Dr Adam Cardilini


Dr Adam Cardilini is a teaching scholar and ecologist at Deakin University. He is concerned about the environmental impacts of animal agriculture,  the Climate Emergency and how a vegan ethic could contribute to conservation. Adam has been involved in Climate Emergency advocacy for several years and is working to help the movement grow.

Reece Starkey


Reece is at every Geelong Vegan Lifestyle Market and is a passionate advocate and representative of Goodguts Probiotic Tea. Ask Reece anything about gut health and he will happily talk to you for hours to help you sort out your ailments! Reece is also an incredible professional musician playing regularly at Melbourne Town Hall.



speaker biographies - mar 23 @ 1pm

Winsome Coutts


Winsome is founder of the Green Living Festival in Anglesea and is passionate about bringing greener living opportunities to her local community.

Tiz Heeschen


Tiz has been working in the area of clean safe drinking water for over 20 years. For the past 10 she has been a passionate advocate and sales fo Zazen Water Filters.

Lexi Marsh


Lexi has just opened 'Ocean Air Yoga' -Aerial Yoga classes in Geelong. Having spent the last three years at sea as a Bridge Officer for Sea Shepherd, she spent many hours teaching Aerial Yoga to fellow crew members.

Greener Living Festival


Zazen Water Filters


Ocean Air Yoga


Speaker Biographies - Feb 23 @ 1pm

James Hoot is creating 'The World's First Vegan Documentary' Series


'The Save Movement and the 

Power of Love-Based Activism'

Seb Alex, James Hoot, Lena Ella and Tim Verhoef are four full-time animal rights activists that are currently on a two-month activism tour with The Save Movement up the Australian coast. 

Their talk will be on the power of love-based activism and how we all have a role to play in saving animals from harm

Support James' documentary here: https://www.patreon.com/veganroundtheworld

Jason Carstens is Vice-President of VegVic and World Vegan Day Melbourne


'Veganism: Sharing the Gift'

Jason Carstens is an old vegan... ha ha - I mean he's been vegan for 30 + years.  He’s the Co-Founder of a vegan outreach business called Moral Fibre, Vice President of VegVic and World Vegan Day Melbourne and you will see him on stage there, as both guest speaker and MC. 

While very passionate, Jason is responsible for gently mentoring many people on to the vegan path. As a stand up comedian Jase brings humour as well as a big personality to his talks as he shares the blessings that being vegan brings. 

Eliza Reilly is Founder of Living Food Wellness


'Raw Blissful Pregnancy'

My name is Eliza, age 41. I feel good about sharing my age and what is possible for an older women and pregnancy.  

I have been on a health journey for the last fifteen years of my life, living in the tropics for the past six years and eating high raw, predominantly vegan, lifestyle. And boy do I feel the vibrancy and love which plant foods exude. 

Let me talk about my pregnancy more in the cosy sharing corner, come and learn about how easy it has been for me on this living, fully alive pathway.

Dean O'Callaghan is an Ecopreneur


'Symbiosis & Kombucha: 

metaphors for life'

Dean is CEO and Abundance Generator at The Good Brew Company which  is dedicated to an environmental and socially sustainable future.  

Deano will demonstrate symbiosis using a live kombucha brew to show you how to brew medicine and other sustainable practices for living and business.